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Electronic equipment

Application and market need in Electronic equipment


Aluminum alloy has good conductivity and workability, and it it best heat dispersing material. It is used in high power substation equipment, regulated power supply, communication power supply, power supply, radio and television transmitters, inverter power supply and other power products. It is also used in automatic control instrument, etc.

Market need

Aluminum alloy: 1070, 1100A, 300A, etc Features: high stength, good machining property, and excellwnt heat dispersion.

Advantage of Electronic equipment

3000T Stretcher:remove innerstress, and reduce deformation

3000T strecher is used to remove innerstrss. According to the process route, the lasting strecher shaped deformation is made within 1.0%-3.0% in required time. The inner stess is removed from elastic deformation to shaped deformation. After prestretching, the aluminum product will have excent processing ability and mechanical capacity, and hard to occur disformation.

Electronic products
Product Alloy band Application
Battery case 3 Series Battery
Alloy aluminum plate 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series Engine cove, car door, car rear cover
Electronic aluminum foil 1 Series, 3 Series Electrolytic condenser